Rev. A.H. Beiner Scholarship Application


This scholarship, established in honor of Rev. A. H. Beiner, received its initial funding from his estate after his death in 1970.

A.H. Beiner was born March 13, 1890, in Germany. He came alone to America in 1905 to Galveston, Texas. In 1908, he moved to Oregon. He had a lot of trouble learning English. He took study courses through the district churches and had the equivalent of two years of college credit. He was converted to Christ in 1920 and called by his Heavenly Father to ministry in 1921. His initial hope was to be a missionary to India, but God had other plans. His entire ministry was spent in home mission churches. He was also an excellent carpenter which helped support his family and in building the churches he pastored in Oklahoma, Washington, and Oregon.

In June 1921, he married Ada May Russell. That union brought two daughters, Esther and Mary. Ada passed away in November 1939. Rev. Beiner married again in February 1943. His second wife, Mrs. Edith Edgington, had two children, John and Mary. Edith passed away in January 1963.

Rev. Beiner had such an interest in missions that he provided for establishing this trust to help missionary children and his grandchildren further their education. The scholarship has been expanded to include pastor’s children.

Restrictions and Awarding Criteria

  1. Preference in awarding shall be given to students of missionaries and pastors holding their membership on the Oregon Pacific District.
  2. Preference in awarding shall be given to applicants showing a commitment to Jesus Christ and the Church of the Nazarene as demonstrated through church involvement, mission trips, youth group participation, etc.
  3. Applicants must enroll in a Nazarene College or University.
  4. Financial need shall be a consideration in the awarding of this scholarship.
  5. Academic merit shall be a consideration in the awarding of this scholarship.
  6. Recipients are to be students who meet general scholastic requirements and show potential for academic success and degree completion.
  7. Recipients may receive the award in successive years, not to exceed four years.
  8. Applications should be submitted along with a pastoral reference no later than June 30th of any given year.

Note: It is the practice of the Oregon Pacific District to allow nominations of student awards by Nazarene members and/or the member’s family. The member and District acknowledge that these nominations are simply recommendations for consideration. The District Advisory Board of the Oregon Pacific District shall use all available information, along with the above restrictions, to make awarding decisions that are in keeping with the intention of the scholarship as we seek to fulfill its mission.